Revel's 2017 New Logo Roundup


Revel's 2017 New Logo Roundup

2017 brought a lot of things to the table; from men’s rompers to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial, it’s safe to say that it was an eventful year. However, 2017 was also a busy year for our Revel designers, who worked hard to create several new logo’s for our clients. We have a soft spot for logo design because there’s always more to a logo than meets the eye. We wanted to give a brief explanation behind the ideas, elements and thoughts about each logo with the help of our design team!

Missouri Trust and Investment Company

Missouri Trust and Investment Company specializes in personalized wealth and investment services here in Springfield, Missouri. Their logo drew it’s inspiration from the local Missouri roots combined with established, strong characteristics that represented the the financial industry and their company as a whole. 

“Representing Missouri directly in the logo was never a doubt, however we wanted to represent Missouri in a more abstract way that aligned better with their service,” says Chris Jarratt, Chief Creative Officer at Revel. Chris continued, “The unique concept warped into the logo is that it physically takes on the shape of Missouri and at the same time, an arrow is pointing up and to the right, signifying positive, directional stock market growth.”  

As for the colors, there is always a reason behind the choices designers make. Creative Director, Amanda Day, explains, “When choosing the colors, we had to consider color theory. The choice of dark blue came from it’s symbolic reference to trust, wisdom, loyalty and confidence. Qualities that you would want from the people managing your money.”

The Network

The Network is the premier organization for Springfield’s young professionals under 40 who are interested in advancing their careers, filling leadership roles in the community and building relationships with other community leaders. The inspiration for this logo is drawn from ideas of social connectivity and fresh, modern dynamics.

“The Network’s original tagline was ‘Connecting Springfield’s young professionals socially and civically.’ So, we wanted the new logo to play on the keywords connect, social and civic,” says Amanda Day.  “As far as color, they wanted something that was modern with consideration towards the equity that the color green had with their brand, but with a fresh take on the traditional green they had used for the past 10 years.”

The inspiration behind The Network’s new logo helped form the simplistic, blended elements within the final product. 

Junior Art Director, Cameron Duneman explains, “What I like most about the logo is the fact that the “N” itself isn’t hidden, but when you look closely at what makes up the “N”, it makes you think about it for a second or two before you can fully comprehend what’s going on.”


Winner of a 2017 Silver ADDY Award!

Paperwise is a software company dedicated to utilizing creativity to build innovative, people-centric software solutions for businesses across the United States. The Paperwise logo is drawn from the brand characteristics of creativity and innovation. 

“During our exploratory phase, we wanted to dive into connectivity, networks and movement as they relate directly to their brand,” says Cameron. “The overlapping in the logo and the way the icon is a part of the wordmark brings those feelings into their brand.”

Paperwise wanted something that presented their brand as creative and innovative, and that motif inspired the color pallet of grays and blues which then were utilized to create overlap shading. Overall, the logo has a variety of unique elements and messages hidden beneath the framework all designed with brand identity in mind, and if you didn’t notice already, this logo creates the impression of a power button.

Chris’ favorite part? “It would have to be the fact that we were able to provide a versatile logo that works as a wordmark and an icon. I also enjoy the hinting power symbols that still don’t become too dominating.”

Association for Women in Communications


The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is a national organization of professionals helping women build and grow in their communications careers. AWC is committed to promoting leadership, networking and supporting women in the communications field. These ideas helped in shaping the initial logo inspiration.

“Real conversation and mentorships are what make this organization unique, and we wanted to make sure we represented that within their new logo,” says Chris Jarratt. “The colors we used are an evolution of the colors that were already being used throughout the brand, but refreshed.” Chris continues, “I enjoy how welcoming this logo feels; created from the soft elements and the rounded typeface that mimics the shape of the conversation bubbles.”  

Bridges Behavioral Health

Bridges Behavioral Health is a partial hospitalization program for children inspired by the vision of promoting and developing healthy, successful relationships through empowering children, families and schools. 

The inspiration behind the logo started off based on client’s request that it in some way depicted a bridge. Amanda explains, “We wanted to figure out a way to depict a bridge in a more abstract, welcoming way based on the nature of the client.” After the idea was formed, colors were chosen, and the logo was developed from blues and greens to help convey feelings of harmony, safety, trust and stability. Amanda continues, “We wanted to transition the colors going from lighter to darker, left to right in order to help take your eye through the logo.

When asked about her favorite parts of this particular logo, Amanda replied, “I enjoy how the different pieces in the logo come together to depict a bridge, but the final piece of the bridge is open-ended, reaching out in a way, as if giving a person something to hold onto, and I think that fits into who they are nicely.”

Oasis Hotel & Convention Center— Secondary Logo



Oasis is a resort-inspired hotel and convention center that we recently rebranded. We helped position Oasis as the vibrant, playful and upscale hotel that they are, which was a very fun project for our team to work on. (So much so that we have a blog post giving a behind-the-scenes looks through the creative process here that is well worth the read.)

A part of their rebrand included a secondary logo based on the previous, but more modern and innovative. Additionally, we didn’t want it to feel too far away from their primary “signage” logo so we didn’t disrupt their overall marketing collateral. Cameron sums it up by saying, “Basically, we took pieces of their old logo and incorporated them in new ways to ensure the roots of the brand stayed grounded. We did this with the crescent circle that is pulled from the shape in their previous logo.”

Big Whiskey's - Campaign Logo

Big whiskeys.png

Home of the best buff dip in town, we introduce you to Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar! Big Whiskey’s came to us with the goal to create a “Game On” campaign centered around the idea of creating a dynamic motion animation, meaning the individual elements of the final logo needed to lend themselves to these capabilities. Additionally, it needed to maintain a Big Whiskey’s brand aesthetic and a sports-orientated look. Cameron explains, “The inspiration was for this to feel like a Superbowl logo, with Big Whiskey’s colors to help connect the sports vibe that “Game On” brings to the Big Whiskey’s brand.” 

Click below to see the animation that Cameron created with his bare hands (and a computer). 

In fact, he did so well that this Big Whiskey’s Game On animation won us a 2017 Gold ADDY Award! 

We take brands very seriously at Revel. Whether you are in the need for a new logo, or would like to refresh your current brand, let our creative minds go to work for you. Contact us at or give us a ring at 417-368-6966.


Get To Know a Reveler: Midori Saito


Get To Know a Reveler: Midori Saito


Graphic Design Intern

Midori is our resident Graphic Design Intern who recently joined the ranks at Revel! She is a major asset to our design team, and brings strong creative talent to the office each and every day. Get to know Midori a little bit better, like what odd reason landed her in the ER last year…

1. Are you a Springfield native, or a Springfield transplant?

Springfield transplant for about five years now! But a proud KC native always and forever. 

2. What attracted you to the advertising field?

Before my first design class, I had never really realized the impact that advertising and visual communication has on our everyday life. Impacts that effect the brands we love and why, the I-bought-this-because-it’s-cool-looking packaging and getting to learn more about the community based on the things we see everyday. I wanted to learn more about the process and immerse myself in that culture because, well, it’s important.

3. What do you love most about your job?

I absolutely love the people who work here. Everyone has been incredibly nice, comfortable and hilarious. I’ve learned so much already. Plus we have dogs here, like ALL OF THE TIME. It’s the best perk I could ever ask for!

4. Do you have any office nicknames around the office?

Not any that I know of. My name is pretty interchangeable, my friends back home switch it up from Midorable, Midorky, Midorito, M’dangkneehurts, Dori, etc. When I came to Springfield, the name Mido caught on a little. Everyone’s pretty creative here so I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with something.

5. How would your best friend describe you?

I texted my best friend Tafi this question, and told her to tell me how wonderful I am; she actually did it!  This made my day—I love this gal. Tafi if you’re reading this, I’m still never going to call you “Master T,” but you’re actually one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met. Thanks for being you, dude. 

“Well the first word that comes to mind is selfless. Ever since I've known you, you always had put others first. You're talented In so many departments too, from art in all forms, to winning the Mathlete award in high school, lol but really your art is constantly being praised because you are seriously so talented. And with that, another word I would say that describes you is humble. With all the talent you have, the blessing you've received and the crowd that stands by you, you still remain humble through it all. You've never been a braggers or one to favor the word "I" so much, and you're humbleness is contagious because it's definitely humbled me. Also adventurous and outgoing, you're one to always be down for a good time, one to always make sure that everyone is having a good time!! I mean sometimes it takes some convincing but that’s why you're the responsible one, to make sure we're not going to die from whatever dare we're conquering but you're gonna make sure we do it! And that we have fun!! (Aka win) I hope this helps, I just woke up”

Side note: I didn’t actually win the Mathlete award in high school, it was an accident. I’m very very bad at math.

6. Tell us a unique fact about yourself that few people would know. 

I tell people a lot of random things about myself so this question is hard. There’s the fact that my dad’s a chef so I was never a picky eater. Also I used to play the accordion back in the day. Lastly, before graphic design, I was a fashion design and product development major. 

7. What food do you crave most?

It’s between ice cream, hot chips and popcorn. I have a real problem with popcorn. I love it so much I once ate too much of it and had to go to the emergency room. I wish I could say that this happened when I was little or something, but it was actually just last year. 

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Speak Japanese! Haha, people always ask me this! I was fluent when I was younger, but since being born in the states and going to an American school, I completely lost it. My mom would encourage me to learn but I would never listen. I am completely full of regret (Sorry, mom.)

9. What is your favorite book of all time?

I really love To Kill a Mockingbird. I also have an undying love for Harry Potter. Always. 

10. Do you have any special (or strange) talents?

Not super special or strange, but I can sew things, paint things and draw things.  

11. If you had to choose a theme song for your life, what would it be? 

“Schoolin’ Life” by Beyoncé. Look it up.

12. If you could meet anyone - living or dead - who would you choose?

I would have Thanksgiving dinner with the Obama family. 

13. The title of your personal autobiography would be

“It’s Going to be Fine,” “Ope, Sorry,” or “You’re Not Beyoncé but You’re Pretty Damn Close” 

14. If Revel were an animal, what would it be and why?

The first animal I thought of was a polar bear. They’re such massive animals that really make a statement and are overall gorgeous. Also, their fur is super pristine and I compared that to how clean and nice the Revel office is, so much so that it makes me afraid to touch anything. Oh, and it’s really cold near my desk so there’s that too. 

15. Leave us with your favorite quote

“Focus on the positive things in your life, and you’ll be shocked at how many more positive things start happening.” — Sophia Amoruso


5 Small Business Marketing Mythbusters


5 Small Business Marketing Mythbusters

In many cases, marketing for a small business isn’t traditional, it’s anything but that. Limited funds and manpower force a level of creativity that larger companies don’t necessarily need. However, as 28 million small businesses across the United States know first hand (including us), without an effective marketing plan, regardless of what tactics are in it, your company will soon fizzle out in the competitive environment that is our society today. So it’s important for small businesses to understand that marketing themselves is imperative whether you “think” you have the resources or not. (Spoiler alert: You do.)

So let's do some myth-busting and get a little insight into the world of small business marketing, from one small business to another. Below are five statements that are either completely true, or as mythical as a unicorn.

(Mouse-over to reveal the answer!)


In fact, small businesses incorporate social media in their marketing strategy 96% of the time. Social media has become important for businesses to generate buzz and create a consistent voice to reach out to potential clients, customers or even partners. However, it’s important that your social media reflects the message the business intends to convey, and it's certainly important to avoid posting biased remarks, retweeting politically fueled posts or anything that could come back to bite you in the ass.



When you work for a small business, you may find yourself working longer hours than you think. There is a common misconception that small business owners have more leisure time, and are able to sometimes put their work to the side for other things. This is often, if not always, not the case. Small businesses require a strong commitment due to the fact that they are competing against larger, established companies equipped with more staff, more capital and higher budgets.

Marketing for a small business never takes a day off, and neither will you. If you’re in a company of 10 employees, you can’t delegate work downward. You’ll be posting on your social media Monday-Sunday, and should be responding to clients or customers always and forever. But it isn’t all doom and gloom! There are magical tools out there that will allow you to schedule your posts in advance, so you can enjoy your nights and weekends without forgetting to post about that sale happening throughout the weekend.

Our favorites: Hootsuite is a great cross-platform scheduling tool. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and schedule the posts directly from the social platform itself. (Just remember to keep your alerts on your phone so you don’t miss an opportunity to engage with someone who interacts with those posts!)


This isn’t an either/or scenario. It’s definitely an “and.”  You need a great website AND traffic to the site. You might be thinking, “Well, obviously!” But these two are mutually exclusive. If you have a great site, that doesn’t mean people will be flocking to it in droves. And if you have a crappy site, and people are somehow finding it, that’s not the best representation of your business and it might be better if they aren’t finding you that way. A great website is important, there’s no denying that. However, without traffic, your website will sit on a dusted metaphorical shelf waiting for clicks. Now, an element of your site that will make it great is content. If your content is robust and optimized for the keywords your audience is searching for, you’re off to a great start. Build a content strategy, whether it’s in the form of blogs or newsletters, etc., beef up your social presence to gain a following and integrate keywords into your site to improve your organic search results. Doing so will lay some serious groundwork for your paid advertising plan.


Whether or not you agree with the amount of stars given, the ratings are a direct critique from your customers’ experience with your company. As a small business, it’s crucial that whatever people are saying about you, is positive. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising your business (not to mention it’s free). If a small business is able to generate those five star reviews on Facebook or their Google Business listing, any potential clients or customers will see that immediately... and first impressions are extremely important.

The facts back this statement up as well. Research from BrightLocal showed that “going from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating gets a business 25% more clicks from the Google Local Pack.” Basically, don’t accept mediocrity, because just as it can be a positive experience, it can be negative as well. So, in order to properly get the most out of your reviews, remember to keep a client-first mindset, and don’t disregard your marketing strategy.


Your marketing budget, regardless how big or little it is, can work for you, if you keep a few things in mind. Before you even begin, you need to know what a customer is worth to you and then how many customers you need to earn the profit you want. If that number seems scary, just start chipping away. Maybe you can’t invest all of that up front. Start by creating different initiatives and developing a timeframe to execute them. Multi-channel marketing, in our opinion, is the way to go for most businesses. However, if you are working with a limited budget, maybe start small and grow as your revenue does.

For those with a limited budget, and even those with larger budgets, grab the low hanging fruit where you can. Content development, social media and digital advertising are all very cost effective and can work with literally any budget you have. There are tons of resources on the world wide web that can shed a little light to how to get started. Or, hire someone to do it. A freelancer, an agency, a part-time employee/intern— they’re all feasible options. It is 2018. It’s time to stop saying you can’t afford marketing, when you definitely can! You just need to think beyond traditional TV and print.

Revel specializes in developing marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. Have any questions on how we can help you develop your business’ marketing plan? Give us a call or shoot us an email, we’re ready to help!



The Power of Personal Testimony In Video


The Power of Personal Testimony In Video


The power of a personal testimony comes second to none when important decisions are a factor. Whether we care to admit it or not,  humans rely heavily on others opinions in order to make their own decisions, and that’s not meant to be taken negatively. The proof behind this logic is everywhere. Take a look at the online company Yelp for example. The literal purpose of this website is to see what other people thought about something you are thinking of trying out. And these are complete strangers to you! So why not take this notion and use it in your marketing? Enter the testimonial. 

Video Testimony

The power of personal testimony can be ramped up to a new degree when video becomes the method of delivery. One thing that is hard to portray over a text review is the emotional aspect of that person’s experience. It’s easy to read the words of disdain or respect that someone types behind their glowing blue screen, however, it is much more impactful to see how someone reacts physically to their encounter with a business. From a simple smile to a moving real-life story, watching someone relive their experience will have a much greater pull on your target audience. If the testimony comes from someone whose message has a deep rooted personal connection behind it, the outcome will be much more powerful on the consumers that are watching.

Video is moving. (Quite literally, actually.) It’s powerful, personal and practical. We have seen this time and again with our own clients who have utilized video to provide personal testimonials for their business or organization. 


The GLO Center is an organization that provides a community for those who identify as LGBTQ+ in the greater Springfield/Southwest Missouri Area. We had the privilege of assisting them with a community awareness campaign that would spread the message that GLO is everyone and for everyone.

In a series of video testimonials, we created a campaign for them called “I Am GLO.” Real people who have had real experiences with GLO were given a platform to tell their stories to a greater audience than they have been previously able to reach. As a team, we were moved by their testimonials and by the feedback they received from this campaign, so were those who watched.

Below is the compilation video that was used as the center of this testimonial campaign. In addition to this video, several videos featuring in-depth individual stories were created and distributed on the GLO website to further showcase the impact of the center on the lives of those involved. GLO continues to use these videos in their recruitment efforts and general awareness of the organization so people can better understand who they are. 



Based out of Ozark, MO, Excel Dental takes pride in setting a standard for dental care excellence and providing leading technology which enables their clients to receive top-notch, professional dental work. Now, Excel isn’t the only dental office in town. (If they were, that would make our job way easier.) So why choose them? What makes them different? Who better to tell you than the people who already use them? 

With Excel, the power of video testimonial comes from the genuine display of clients who have experienced their services and leave more than satisfied. 

For consumers who are shopping around for a service such as dental care, seeing the positive results from real people, putting a face with a name, is very helpful when pulling the trigger on which dentist to try. These videos are also subtle ways to showcase the services they offer in the form of a rave review. Win-win. 

A video testimonial also addresses any “unknowns” that people were worried about. “If I choose this dentist, what will my experience look like?” These videos can actually show people what to expect and ease any uncertainties or, in a dentists case, fears one might have. Excel is able to really showcase their entire practice, all while showing off the happy, shining smiles they had a hand in creating.  


Bye, Yelp.

It’s no secret, word of mouth is the one of the most effective ways for your company, service or product to be advertised. However, word of mouth is also volatile in the sense that it can either be a gleaming promotion, or a lackluster review.  With the viral trend of videos, video testimonials are a great way to start the conversation in a positive way. 

Looking for a way to spread the good things you have going on at your business or organization? Give us a call and let’s see if we can help.