10 Best Local Instagram Accounts


10 Best Local Instagram Accounts

In a world of VSCO filters and aesthetically pleasing Instagram profiles, you will definitely find cutting edge profiles from Springfield, MO. With unique architecture, breathtaking scenery and fun hot spots, Springfield is the perfect subject for that trendy Instagram pic!

Quite a few people in 417-land have tapped into our local beauty and have the Instagram profiles to prove it. We’ve been hard at work creepin’ on our favorite local Instagrammers and we have it narrowed down to our top 10! Chances are you’ve heard of some of these accounts and now is the time to follow them!


Capturing the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

Why we love it: Aesthetic af. With over 78,000 followers, Jeff’s pictures have captured the attention of people from all over the world. He does an outstanding job showing off the Ozark mountains, specifically northwestern Arkansas. Follow him to fill your feed full of jaw-dropping photos. 


Springfield’s very own Instagram celebrity. 

Why we love it: Kreativ31 is just as equally mysterious as he is familiar. His content is relatable and trendy and even with having followers from around the globe, his content all ties back to Springfield.


Display of Springfield’s culture.

Why we love it: Springfield CVB is everywhere, all the time. If there is an event in Springfield, they’re probably in attendance 9/10 times. They also do a fabulous job allowing local Springfieldians to take over the account in the #weekendtakeover series which gives us a look into the life of a fellow citizen!


The best local brew.

Why we love it: We LOVE beer. Especially local beer. Mother’s Instagram keeps us excited about the brewery and what is happening behind the scenes. They demonstrate how they are so much more than a brewery… they are a world-class brand.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.13.59 PM.jpg


Springfield’s very own interior design firm.

Why we love it: Get all the design tips you need from this local design firm. They have great taste and they lead the industry by providing insight on upcoming interior trends. They have everything you need to recreate your space in their downtown showroom, which is often featured on their Instagram page.  


How to live the best possible life in the 417.

Why we love it: You can always turn to 417 Magazine to find out what’s going on locally. From highlights of local restaurants and attractions to hidden gems you’ve never heard of… leave it 417 to show you everything.


Unique to Springfield, Golden Girl has made their mark downtown.

Why we love it: They are an excellent example of how one of Springfield’s favorite bars keeps people excited through Instagram. GG is the perfect place to geek out over awesome cocktails (with even better cups) and try to snap a trendy photo for your own gramming purposes.


It’s All Downtown!

Why we love it: The Downtown Association not only uses IG to show off what’s going on downtown but they also play a big part in planning events! Their account is your ultimate guide to all things downtown!


One word. Two syllables. Baseball.

Catching a Springfield Cardinals game is a 417-land summer essential. Can’t make it to Hammons Field? No problem…the Cards have an awesome Instagram account you can follow to keep up with the team and their success! Showing everything from game highlights to behind the scenes, you won’t miss a beat!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.44.50 AM.jpg


One stop shop to everything Springfield.

Why we love it: @showmespringfieldmo is a hodge podge of most of our favorite accounts. They have everything from downtown to new restaurants and local features like @Kreativ31. To really see everything Springfield has to offer, you’ll want to follow this account.

After looking through all of these Instagrams, it has definitely inspired our own gram. Follow @revelads on Instagram to see what we’re doing here and get a glimpse of #agencylife

What are some Instagram accounts that you love? Comment your feedback below!



4 Examples of Great Digital Marketing in Springfield

By: Kyle Drenon

Kyle joins us on the Revel blog all the way from Primrose Street in Springfield. He is the Director of Marketing for Murney Associates and is absolutely killing it in the blog-world. Follow The Murney Blog here.

Digital life has really consumed us in a way that no other medium has. Social media specifically is perhaps the greatest innovation in communication since the printing press, due to its ability to connect us directly to the potential customer in a two-sided exchange. No other medium offers this kind of correspondence. No other medium offers as much access either.

The average person will spend more time on social media in their lifetime than they will eating or drinking according to a study by Social Media Today. That’s probably not overwhelmingly shocking if you’ve been around any living, breathing humans in the past 10 years or so. It takes what, three or four minutes to eat a meal? I mean, I barely get through the credits of a TV show. But scrolling through my Twitter feed to see all of Jeff Houghton’s one liners takes time (the guy is a one-liner machine). 

The importance of digital marketing is nothing new, but still so many companies have under utilized the medium or are trying to make it something it’s not. Treating social as a broadcast channel is a mistake. Speaking only about your inventory will bore your followers. Enhancing their use of the medium they’re on is the key to good digital marketing.

Here’s a few examples of companies who are doing it right in Springfield.

 Mother’s Brewing Video Shorts

Why it works: Have you seen them? They’re beautifully produced by Locke + Stache. They’re short enough to keep our brief attention spans and they’re intriguing. The use of a thematic storyline to coincide with the personality of the beer in question is a deft maneuver that leaves the viewer feeling connected to the product.  The concept of drinking a beer in the shower is not exactly the most glamorous proposition, but this video liberates inhibitions, which perfectly coincides with the product.

The Springfield News-Leader’s Captain Springfield Bracket

Why it works: Ok, if you paid attention to the tournament at all, you know I was a pretty big fan of it. The creators of the tournament have thrown me a little bit of shade in the past, asking if I was jealous of the idea. You’re damn right I am. This is local influencer targeting at its best. The Captain Springfield piece not only recognized locals for being cool, it also encouraged campaigning on the part of friends of the people selected. This idea is basically suggesting that readers provide free advertising for the piece, which normally wouldn’t get you very far, but in this case, it really worked. Congrats to the Captain, by the way.

Springfield CVB’s The Perfect Pie

Why it works: Because it’s interesting. I mean it’s an article about pizza. Many digital marketers will stress the importance of SEO as science and this is completely true. Search Engine Optimization is a legitimate science that is a vital part of a content marketing strategy.


If you make good assets on your site, people will pay attention. If you have assets on your site like this one, people will pay attention to what you do and they’ll visit you without going through SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Hurt’s Donuts on Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 4.52.07 PM.jpg

Why it works: It’s too tough to pick one thing Hurt’s does correctly on Facebook. They are immensely clever in utilizing the medium itself. In the example above, they generated more than 18,000 comments by asking their fans to comment the word Duck until the manager of the page commented Goose. Now, that might not sound like much, but it spread the post to many of the connections the commenters have on Facebook at no cost to Hurt’s.

Another example is when Hurt’s asks people to comment with the @ symbol and a letter, then says the first person that pops up to be tagged has to buy you a donut. This also spreads out the post exponentially from Facebook’s lacking organic reach.

They’ve built their Facebook page to nearly 100,000 using these techniques. Understanding the medium is extremely important and these folks prove it everyday.  I guess McLuhan was right.

If all of this is giving you the sweats, don’t worry. There are plenty of places that can help you develop a strategy for your social media goals. One particular advertising agency comes to mind...

Are there any other businesses in Springfield you've noticed that are particularly on their digital A-game? Send us your thoughts in the comments below!



Stay Extraordinary: The Oasis Hotel Rebrand

Sneak peek of the new branding!

Sneak peek of the new branding!

Oasis Hotel and Convention Center is Springfield’s ONLY resort-inspired hotel complete with a waterfall entrance, tropical décor, an indoor AND outdoor pool, a ridiculously delicious restaurant and bar, and a huge convention center just a short walk down the hallway. When they were looking for a partner to help them with their rebrand, it was a no-brainer for us and honestly, it ended up being one of the most fun projects we’ve had.   

Needing everything from a new logo to catchy “Do Not Disturb” signs, our team got to work, brainstorming ideas and concepts with the Oasis team every step of the way.  To give you a little insider’s peek into the creative process, we’ve asked both the Oasis and Revel teams to share their thoughts on how it went and what the intent was behind the new look. 

Sneak Peek



Oasis— Missy Handyside, General Manager; Sarah DeGuire, Director of Sales; Christie Lancaster, Promotions Manager

Goal: We had a unique opportunity presented to us because we were invited to join the Ascend Hotel Collection, which is a network of independent upscale hotels within the larger Choice Hotels brand. We were chosen for this collection due to our award-winning history and the property’s uniqueness. The rebranding was going to give us an opportunity to really celebrate this uniqueness rather than trying to fit into the mold of a generic hotel franchise.  

Our goal was to show our guests and our community that we are still the Oasis they know and love, but that we have been awarded an upgrade and now have the freedom to embrace the true identity of the hotel and take our property to the next level.

Your Vision: We wanted the rebranding to enhance and complement the overall personality of the hotel. We needed it to maintain the tropical feel that the Oasis is known for and to be vibrant and colorful. We needed to incorporate the sun and moon logo, as it has been used for the Oasis for decades and can be found in multiple areas throughout the property, but wanted to modernize it and give it a more sleek and upscale look matching the updated brand.

Best Part About the New Look: The new look is very representative of the Oasis! It’s fun, vibrant and has an upscale resort-like feel. One of our favorite pieces is the sales packet. It is well laid out and walks potential guests through the Oasis experience while using our vibrant brand colors and distinctive copy.

Did you have any concerns about rebranding? How were they addressed during the process?  One of our concerns was that the Oasis is very diverse and versatile and there were a number of different directions we could take. We are very modern, yet retro. For many guests it’s a vacation-like setting to relax among the fountains and the tropical plants, yet we also have a full service convention center that is in high demand for conferences and business meetings. Revel really brought this together by showcasing a juxtaposition of the bright business setting during the day and contrasting to a vibrant, exciting nightlife at the ice bar all night along. The tagline really ties it together: Business or Pleasure, why not both?

Have you received any feedback on your new brand? Our new collateral was taken to the Choice Hotels annual conference in Las Vegas and received rave reviews from other industry professionals. There were actually comparisons made to Vegas style marketing!

My favorite thing about the rebranding is how Revel encouraged us to be bolder and even a little sassy in our marketing. The brand voice has been carried over even into our in-room materials such as do not disturb cards, housekeeping cards, etc. The new branding dares guests to indulge while they are at the Oasis, to set their own rules and to find their own personal oasis.

I love that Chris came over and spent hours researching the hotel from the eyes of a guest. He ate in Fire & Ice, looked at the guestrooms and took photos of the color schemes of each one, listened to the way our staff conversed with guests, even wandered around navigating the entire property to think of the best way to design our hotel map. He was fully invested in making sure the rebranding fit our hotel and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.
— Missy Handyside - General Manager, Oasis Hotel and Convention Center

How We Did It.

Thoughts from each Reveler who worked on the project from their own perspective.

Cameron: Graphic Designer

Goal: The goal of this rebrand was to showcase the two sides of what the Oasis is about, business and fun, in collateral and other branding pieces that look and feel like they could be out of an ultra high-end hotel in Las Vegas. We also strived to create pieces that were more user-friendly and useful than the previous pieces.

Best Part about the New Look: One thing I love about the new look is just seeing all of it at once. When the sales kit, catering booklet, hotel map, room pieces and all of the other pieces are together, it makes me proud of how cohesive everything is and how well they represent the Oasis brand.

Amanda: Senior Art Director

Goal: From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to position them as a fun, yet professional hotel and convention center and a sort of "secret getaway" in Springfield. We wanted every piece to exude the experience you feel when walking in their doors. Throughout every piece, I wanted to make sure that we were remaining true to our original goals for the design and giving a consistent look to every piece. 

Biggest Challenge: Making sure that we kept the new look professional but still very fun and appealing. The idea behind the design was creating a day and night feel to mimic the sun and moon that is in the Oasis logo, so another challenge was making sure that theme was consistent across all collateral.

Best Part About the New Look: I love the play on day and night. I think it was a great way to bring more meaning to the sun and moon in their logo and it also allows us to highlight all of the amenities Oasis has to offer.

Chris: Creative Director

Goal: To create a  brand that better reflected the hotel’s essence and the direction they are headed in the future. 

Biggest Challenge: Narrowing down all of the ideas. We had a ton of ideas for them, but we could only go with one. However, I’m hoping we can bring some of the other ideas to life through future advertising campaigns for them.

Best Part About the New Look: I really love the colors. Vibrant was a word that we used a lot, and I think the color palette we landed on accomplishes this perfectly. 

Shelby: Account Executive

Goal: My goal for the rebrand was to make sure that every piece we were giving the client was something that they loved and could be proud of, taking into consideration their goals for this new brand and offering a creative solution!

Best Part About the New Look: My favorite part about the new look is how vibrant and bold it is. From their building to their employees, Oasis radiates fun. I think their new brand is so true to their personality and makes people excited for the Oasis experience.

Megan: Copywriter

Goal: Our goal with the copy was to reflect their personality through words, that also flowed nicely with the imagery. Whether it's a headline or body copy in a brochure, we wanted people to know and understand the personality of Oasis before they even step foot on the property. 

Biggest Challenge: Creating a tone that was unique to them and being fresh and creative with their copy. When your brand calls for you to be playful and witty, it can be really fun but also really challenging. It's a lot harder than you'd think to make something that is both creative yet honest. The last thing we wanted is to sound overly "salesy." 

Best Part About the New Look: I love how the copy flows into the imagery. They complement each other perfectly! 

If you are a business and are looking for a brand refresh or redesign, here’s a little tip from us to you:

Don't rebrand to be someone you're not. If you need a brand refresh, stay true to who you are and just meet people where they are while being yourself. It's way easier to sell yourself that way.

Thinking about a rebrand? We’d love to talk with you about it! Give us a call at 417-368-6966 or shoot us an email at howdy@reveladvertising.com.  



The Power of the Free!


The Power of the Free!

The Power of the Free

We are all big fans of stuff… especially when it’s FREE! Think about it— How much promotional “swag” have you accumulated over the years from college, sporting events or even a trip to the bank? We’re sure your office/home/car is cluttered in pens, koozies and notepads from the Holiday Inn or Joe’s Heating and Air.  

The question here is: As a business, how effective is funding and distributing free promotional goodies? 

Answer: VERY effective. 

Promotional items can be anything that contains a company’s branding or logo that can be distributed as a free advertising tool to a group of people. Some examples of promotional items companies might use are: business gifts, giveaways, sweepstakes and our favorite…company swag (t-shirts, hats, stickers, and other take-home goodies.).

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 3.08.50 PM.jpg

Companies have been building brand recognition for many years using promotional giveaways. An estimated 20 billion dollars is spent every year on giveaways and promotional products to increase brand awareness. And it’s working.

According to surveys and research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, there is evidence of a direct correlation between brand recognition and an increase in sales after giving away promotional products. Consumers are much more likely to purchase goods and services from a company after receiving a promotional item from them.

When choosing which product to use to advertise your business, it is important to keep in mind exactly your customer’s needs (and wants!) Here are some do’s and don’ts in choosing promotional products:


·      Choose something that your consumer will be able to reuse often. Like this super bright and clever tote we got from a tradeshow from Hippeas!

Photo courtesy: hippeas.com

Photo courtesy: hippeas.com

·      Catch their attention. Make your design bold, but stay on brand. You don’t want to be someone you’re not. Nobody likes a liar.

·      Less is more. Having your businesses name and the slogan or tagline associated with your business is plenty. 


·      Limit yourself to only one promotional product. Diversify a little and invest in several different types of swag.

·      Hand out cheap items. The product you distribute is a reflection of your company. So if you want people to think you are cheap, go ahead and get the crappy pen. But our recommendation would be do invest the extra few cents and get the good click pen with the gripper.

·      Use products that are easy to throw away. The purpose of your product is to get people to hold onto them for a time so your company stays top of mind. If consumers are throwing the product away, you missed the target. Not to mention you’re literally throwing your money away.

The use of promotional products is an excellent way to get your brand in the hands of your target market and increase brand recognition. Think of it like 80s music for example. When you hear that certain tune, your mind automatically goes back and recalls your younger, bigger hair days. Just like an old song, a quality promo item will keep your brand in the minds of your consumers and when they have the need, they’ll think of you.




Creative Space, Creative Thinking

Do you sometimes find yourself sitting at your desk, trying to get work done and get your brain to cooperate with you and you’ve got nothing? You take a quick walk. Have a snack. But there is still no spark to start you in the right direction. Maybe you can chalk it up to a bad day OR maybe you just need a workspace that can help inspire ideas. Of course this isn’t Beauty and the Beast— your pen isn’t going to get up and start writing for you. Your mouse isn’t going to start wagging its tail. And the coffee pot definitely isn’t going be pouring you a freshly brewed cup. (But wouldn’t that be nice?) However, there is something magical about working in a creative space. It can get you motivated to “get ish done” as they say. Knowing what you need to stay focused and motivated is the first step in creating your perfect workspace. To help you out a little more, here are some things to think about in your own office space:

How functional is my space?

Obviously if you have a hard time actually doing your job in the space you’re in, that is the first problem. This can be a huge hindrance to your productivity. Your job is hard as it is, no reason to make it even harder with a space that doesn’t work for you. Write down your must-haves to start working and then make those happen. Sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing you can do. 

Does my space meet my social needs?

If you work better when you get to collaborate with the people around you, a secluded office on the other side of the building probably isn’t the best place for your creative space. On the other hand, if you enjoy working by yourself or get distracted easily by Jim down the hall (who always strikes up a conversation every time he walks by your door) make sure you at least have the option of being able to close yourself off from your coworkers so you can get some peace and quiet. 

Does my space meet my psychological needs?

The way you decorate your office should ultimately reflect your taste and be an expression of who you are (and not freakin’ Jim down the hall who “likes Helvetica better.”) If something about your office doesn’t put a smile on your face or get you excited to be at work when you walk in, change something so it does. Being in the right mood when you’re working will contribute to the strength and success of your work.

Does this lamp make my office look fat?

If your needs are the beast, your space can be the beauty. Next thing you know, boom, you have a handsome prince on your hands and the copy machine is busting out into song. Either that or Jim down the hall has his wife on speakerphone again (close your door Jim.) Having the right space is all about what you need, who you are and what you do for your company. You may not have free reign to hang things from the wall or move things around, but you can definitely find small ways to bring your personality into the space you spend the majority of your time. So don’t let your office building’s restrictions stop you from asking yourself these questions and taking matters into your own hands to create the space that will inspire you.

Fortunately for us Revelers, we have the green light to customize our own space because we know it can boost the productivity and moral of the whole agency. We also believe in creating an environment throughout the shared space of the office that the whole team can be proud to call their home. We love showing off our space to our clients and friends so here’s a little glimpse of our creative space that will hopefully inspire you to make some changes in your own space.