We're hiring!


We're hiring!

Job Title

UX Designer/Developer

Who we are:

Revel is a full-service agency; we take a holistic approach to each brand we work with. We’re passionate about our work and strive to make a difference for our clients and our community.


What you’ll do:

Design creative, functional websites and then develop them to look responsively pixel-perfect. If you can pitch in for other digital design work around the office, we’d love that too.


Who you are:

  • A team player ready to join a tight-knit, dynamic group.

  • Someone who can work effectively on multiple, simultaneous projects and handle the pressure of deadlines with ease.

  • A creative designer with a commitment to responsive design principles.

  • A proactive and honest communicator.

  • A constant learner interested in continually expanding your skill set.



  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related field

  • UX/UI Design abilities

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Skilled at developing responsive interfaces with semantic HTML and CSS

  • Familiarity with CSS-preprocessors (SASS, etc.)

  • Ability to test across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices


  • Experience with JavaScript & jQuery

  • Experience with analytics solutions and developing for search engine optimization

  • Familiarity designing for Google Ads and Facebook Ads


Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive compensation based on experience

  • Unlimited paid vacation

  • Autonomous work environment including work-from-home options

  • Health insurance

  • Retirement savings



Please send your resume, portfolio and development examples* to:

Chris Jarratt, Creative Director | Partner


(417) 368-6966

*Please be sure to describe, in detail, your role on each project.


Revel Brings Home Gold From 2019 American Advertising Awards


Revel Brings Home Gold From 2019 American Advertising Awards

On February 23, 2019, advertising professionals gathered at Downstream Casino Resort for one the industry’s largest creative competitions. According to American Advertising Federation’s official website, the mission of the American Advertising Awards is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising.


Revel Advertising was one of 33 agencies & individuals in the Heartland region to submit entries to the competition. Submission categories included sales and marketing, print advertising, out-of-home and ambient media, online/interactive, video and sound, cross platform and elements of advertising.  

The Revel team walked away with a total of 11 awards: five Silver, five Gold and one Judges Award.

The Addys are something we look forward to every year. It’s awesome to celebrate with other industry professionals and be exposed to so much talent. We are thankful to our clients for letting us think outside of the box and turn our creative ideas into a reality.
— Junior Art Director, Cameron Duneman

Revel looks forward to working with current and new clients in 2019 to create even more gold worthy projects!

If you would like to see what we could create for you, call 417.368.6966 or email hello@reveladvertising.com


2019 Southwest Missouri Nonprofit Excellence Awards


2019 Southwest Missouri Nonprofit Excellence Awards

The 2019 Southwest Missouri Nonprofit Excellence Awards are just around the corner and we can hardly wait. It’s an evening dedicated to recognizing our area nonprofits and the passionate individuals who are a part of them. Here at Revel, we love to partner and work with nonprofits because we know the work that they do makes our community a better place and we also know that’s not an easy job to do.  

We want to honor one of our local non-profits by awarding the “Revel with a Cause Award” to a Nonprofit Excellence Awards nominee. This award is estimated at $5,000 in and can be used for a variety of services including: logo design, campaign development, social media strategies, website design, strategic planning and more.  

Nonprofit.Logos (1).jpg

Click here to submit your nomination. Review the entry instructions and nomination criteria and then scroll down to find “Revel with a Cause” under the award categories. Entries are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 8, 2019.








Look out for Carmen’s smiling face at the Revel front desk! As our Office Manager, she is the glue that holds this agency together. Get to know more about Carmen Savage.

1. Are you a Springfield native, or a Springfield transplant?

I am a recent Springfield transplant.


2. What attracted you to the advertising field?

Most of my experience is actually in the animal field but I was ready to learn something new! I figured advertising was a good way to meet local people and get to know the town.


3. What do you love most about your job?

I love the people I work with and the fact that each day is something different!


4. Do you have any office nicknames around the office?

Not that I know of…


5. How would your best friend describe you?

I think she would probably describe me as outgoing and likes to have fun! I am very adventurous and love trying new things.


6. Tell us a unique fact about yourself that few people would know.

I am adopted and have been blessed with the best family ever!


7. What food do you crave most?

Pizza - any kind, any time of day!


8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to fly a plane!


9. What is your favorite book of all time?

I don’t have a specific, but I do love to read! I think mysteries and sci-fi would have to be my favorite genres.


10. Do you have any special (or strange) talents?

I’m pretty normal!


11. If you had to choose a theme song for your life, what would it be?

Friends Theme Song - my best friends and I decided this is perfect for us!


12. If you could meet anyone - living or dead - who would you choose?

I would love to meet Carrie Underwood. I grew up listening to her music and love all of her songs!


13. Leave us with your favorite quote

From my 3-year-old cousin - “You have to give it a try or you won’t know”


Marketing BITES


Marketing BITES

Thoughts on the Advertisements of Shark Week  

Every year, Shark Week makes splashes with new, innovative advertisements and exciting content. This year was special in particular because Discovery’s Shark Week celebrated their 30th Anniversary. As cable television’s longest running programming event, Shark Week knew that not only did the scheduled programs have to deliver, but so did the advertisements. Here are the ads that stood out to us the most.


SWEDISH FISH – It makes sense that a brand involving the word “fish” would decide to team up with Shark Week, but Swedish Fish went further with their advertisements than most. They released a humorous commercial that creatively showcased Swedish Fish minis and the tropical version of the snack. To expand the reach the brand had on its audience, Swedish Fish also created a mobile game, “Chomped”, and a sweepstakes giveaway that included a shark encounter in Oahu, Hawaii as the winning prize.

The link between Swedish Fish and the network is a great example of successful co-branding. Swedish Fish had their 75th anniversary this year and needed a fin-tastic summer event to celebrate, leading them to a partnership with Shark Week. The pair started to co-brand advertisements three months prior to the return of Shark Week, which is the earliest advertisements have ever aired for the event.


VINEYARD VINES – While Vineyard Vines didn’t have the first partnership with Shark Week of the 2018 season, some may argue it was the most meaningful. On the Vineyard Vines website, the CEOs of the company explain how one of their favorite movies about a shark was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard where they started Vineyard Vines. They felt it was a “no brainer” to partner with Discovery when the opportunity arose.

Vineyard Vines created limited-edition apparel for Shark Week including t-shirts, ballcaps, leather belts, bowties, flip-flops and a complete line of beach and swim-wear with Shark Week designs. A portion of the proceeds from their camo bikini and men’s camo board shorts will support OCEANA, an organization dedicated to ocean conservation. A collection anyone can wear with unique designs and proceeds that give back; we consider that a killer success.


SHAQUILLE O'NEAL – While he’s not his own company (he might as well be), Shaq is known for his extreme height, basketball skills, regular appearance in commercials and his fear of sharks. Discovery approached Shaquille O’Neal to not only film a commercial promoting Shark Week, but to star in an episode-long special about Shark Week called, “Shaq Does Shark Week.”

Regardless of his imminent fear of the creatures, Shaq agreed to participate in an episode-long special where he swam underwater with sharks. Overall the decision to include Shaq in their promo video was bold, but it excited viewers in a different type of way and was a victory for Discovery.


DODGE – “All Roads Lead to Discovery on Shark Week, Powered by Dodge” was the phrase Dodge marketed during Shark Week. Their launched commercial drove home the point that sometimes, it’s best to stay out of the water and stick to the streets.

Instead of spending time in the ocean, people in the commercial get creative with an ‘Asphalt Party’ and surprise viewers with what they can recreate on the pavement. There’s a guy jet skiing in a portable swimming pool, a young girl building rock castles and even a snorkeler searching in a baby pool. This commercial sparked something different in the Shark Week promotions by urging people to stay safe and aware in a light-hearted and comedic way.


Even though Shark Week is over, the magic it brings every year is undeniable. All types of brands and companies team up to create a week-long event of excitement, awareness and interest. The ads this year were inventive and memorable. We’re already excited for #SharkWeek2019.